- Sunday 8:30am

Last Days- Sunday 9:00am

W.D.Mummand - Sunday 9:30am

Pete Binder - Sunday 10:00am

6th Avenue Baptist - Sundays - 3:00pm

New Birth Baptist - Sundays - 3:30pm

Deliverance Tabernacle Church - Sundays 4:00pm

Agape Temple Church - Sundays 4:30pm

St Mark Church of God and Christ - Sundays 5:00pm

Yarhew Ben Yarhew - Sundays 5:30pm

North Star Automotives - Sundays 6:00pm

New Vision - Sundays 6:30pm

Various locals Shows- Sundays 10:00pm

- Local Religious Sundays 11:00pm

Hill In The Morning - Monday - Friday 6:00am - 9:00am

Hablemos - Monday 6:00am

Bob & Maria Show - Monday, 6:30pm

Taking Care of Your Neighborhood Monday 7:00pm

Various Local Shows - Tuesday 8:00pm

Old Path Natural Herbs Show - Tuesday 6:30pm

Gulf Coast Motor Sports - Tuesday 7:00pm

North Star Automotives - Tuesday 7:30pm

Human Relations/Pensacola Wants To Know - Tuesday 8:00pm

Church On wheels- Wednesday 9:00pm

- Wednesday 2:00pm

Pensacola Wants To Know - Wednesday 8:00pm

- Wednesday 8:30am

North star Automotives - Thursday 9:00am

City Issues/County Commission Show - Thursday 6:00pm

City/County Meeting "Live" - Thursday 7:00pm

Mt Olive Baptist Church - Friday 6:30pm

Jesus Love Ministries - Saturday 9:30pm

Dixon Temple - Saturday 10:00pm

Latin Roots - Saturday 8:00pm



Local Live Remotes Broadcasts - Saturday vary